West Nile Virus/Entomological Technician Posting – Berks Co.

Job Description

Entomological Suppression Technician

This is a Temporary Full Time Position (April through November, 2011)

Berks County Conservation District

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Responsible for implementing mosquito control and Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) throughout Berks County. Key duties include fieldwork, data collection and data entry, mosquito control activities, and coordination with neighboring counties and Pennsylvania (PA) Department of Environmental Protection staff.

1. Prepare annual PA DEP West Nile Virus Project applications.
2. As applicable in concert with District Manager, coordinate activities of summer interns assigned to insect- related programs.
3. Collect and submit mosquito samples on dry ice for virus isolation.
4. Provide updates on the IMM program to print and broadcast media.
5. Provide all required program notifications to the public prior to the application of insect eradication agents.
6. Conduct comprehensive field studies and monitoring on the abundance, distribution, and life stage of mosquitoes as relates to effective treatment in Berks County. Mosquito surveillance efforts should reflect current specifications detailed in PA Department of Environmental Protection West Nile Virus Grants Scope of Work.
7. Develop and conduct an effective mosquito larviciding program that specifically targets known vectors of West Nile Virus, particularly Culex species, while maintaining accurate records according to the PA Department of Agriculture regulations. Develops a surveillance plan to include monitoring and surveillance of all wastewater treatment plants located within the county.
8. Develop response strategies to positive mosquito, equine, and human test results. These plans should include mosquito surveillance and control operations. Results of the response activities should be relayed to appropriate PA Department of Environmental Protection staff as they are collected.
9. Assist regional Department of Environmental Protection staff when mosquito adulticide operations are planned within Berks County.
10. Conduct pre- and post-treatment monitoring of mosquito treatment locations and maps mosquito production areas.
11. Enter all collected data into the West Nile Virus control website and correctly ships biological samples to PA Department of Environmental Protection’s lab in Harrisburg, PA.
12. Cooperate with adjoining county mosquito personnel and communicate treatment strategies and operations.
13. Assist with countywide West Nile Virus Educational Programs as directed by supervisor.
14. Attend all meetings provided by the PA Department of Environmental Protection. Additional training opportunities may be scheduled and the employee should attend these sessions as directed by supervisor.

1. Serve on District committees as a volunteer or as appointed.
2. Prepare articles for newsletter or annual report summaries as requested.
3. Attend staff, team, and other meetings as required.
4. Other duties as assigned by the District Manager or Conservation District Board of Directors.

1. Bachelor’s Degree required in any of the following areas: Entomology, Environmental Resource Management, Biology or a closely related field
2. Currently possess or be able to acquire a PA Department of Agriculture Pesticide Applicator’s License

1. Physical ability to walk and work in heavily wooded areas and in wet areas.
2. Valid driver’s license
3. Ability to operate a motor vehicle and read road maps to travel to project and collection sites.
4. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
5. Ability to identify larval, pupal and adult mosquitoes
6. Ability to transport and set up equipment in isolated areas
7. Ability to read and understand label directions for the application on insect eradication agents
8. Ability to follow all requirements of contractual obligations between the District and any assigned state agency
9. Good attendance and punctuality in meeting assigned program tasks

WORKING ENVIRONMENT: There is a possibility that this position may turn into full time and would involve working with other District programs. More than half of the work for this position is expected to be carried out in the field. This position description serves as a guideline for communication of the essential functions and other information about the position to the applicant/employee. It is not intended to create a binding employment contract nor cover every detail of the position and may be changed by the District Manager of Berks County Conservation District Board of Directors.


Berks Conservation District

Agricultural Center

1238 County Welfare Road

Suite 200

Leesport, PA 19533-0520